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Star Tree Topper

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A Star Tree Topper to sit pride of place on the tree. They also self stand to decorate tables and dressers. Perfect for a family name, or your name so you can be the star of the family 😉 A beautiful statement piece and treasured keepsake!

Please note these are suited to shorter names. Longer names will hang over the edge of the star.

Approx. 16cm x 24cm

*Please note: We have recently updated our colour chart. Example pictures may be shown in a discontinued colour.

These items are intended as decorative pieces only. They can be damaged if handled too roughly and should be kept out of reach of little hands.

To hang your custom piece, I recommend tiny nails to ensure they cannot be seen. Although you can use Command hooks if you prefer. Using blu-tack or tape may damage your item

Please note as these items are handmade, sizes are approximate.